Agust D '대취타' MV | I'm crying!!! Its Everything I wanted for Suga's Comeback | REACTION!!!

  • Опубликовано: 22 май 2020
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    Check out my reaction to Agust D '대취타' MV | I'm crying!!! Its Everything I wanted for Suga's Comeback | REACTION!!!

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  • Suga Daddy Material
    Suga Daddy Material 24 минуты назад


  • Mariana Gisel
    Mariana Gisel 42 минуты назад

    Que soy la unica que esperó dos dias para ver reacciones y no perjudicar las vistas del MV? 🤔

  • Brianna Burnley
    Brianna Burnley Час назад

    The way his flow changed at 7:11 omg but y'all he really just said this is me I'm finally free I get to do my thang now no matter where I go and no matter wht my music I wont change because of money and fame I'm agustd this Is my time and i ain't gonna fall.... I love it....💜🖤💜🖤💜🖤💜🖤💜🖤💜🖤💜🖤

  • Bina
    Bina Час назад

    I was laughing through this whole thing. Lord help me ,I am still laughing 😂 this This is the coolest thing I watched in forever Forreal,I am crying! 🤣You are awesome!

  • 劉湘柔
    劉湘柔 Час назад

    No one noticed he broke his chair lol

  • 강한희정
    강한희정 2 часа назад

    Gwanghaegun (光 海 君, June 4, 1575 (April 26, Lunar Calendar)-August 7, 1641 (July 1, Lunar Calendar) was the 15th king of Joseon (reign: 1608-1623) .
    During the Imjin War, he led a medical service by dividing and took a neutral diplomatic route between the Fu Keum and the Ming Dynasty. In addition, various policies such as post-war restoration and the implementation of the Great East Law were implemented, but they showed moral defects in the conflict and diplomatic routes by killing their older brother Imhae-gun and their younger brother Yeongchang-daegun and abolishing their stepmother, Queen Mok-mok. Became. He is also the third king who was abolished by the anti-war.
    In modern times, the view of the diplomatic relations of the Gwanghaegun University as neutral diplomacy or Silli diplomacy emerged, and in many ways it was re-evaluated and the image as a tyrant was now diluted. His mausoleum was designated as Historic Site No. 363 after the establishment of the Korean government.
    Agust-D: Daechwita (大 吹打) is a military orchestra that was composed of wind instruments and percussion instruments, and was played in the march of kings or nobles and marching in the army.
    MV: If you try to interpret D, the commoner's figure, you can interpret it in various ways.
    The king, Di, has everything, so the common form of Di is the original form of Di, as we know it,
    Or I can literally guess what the ordinary young man D looks like ...
    So I think that Dee's shooting at himself could be seen in various ways.
    It means to bring down everything that has everything, or
    The big house big cars big ring that you wanted, but it means to get rid of the lonely and lonely D and return to what you know only, or to get rid of yourself as a monster (= tyrant). I can count.
    Once here, the tyrant has everything but a fierce, evil king who rules the country randomly, but he can be seen as a vicious being.

  • Mr Massacre
    Mr Massacre 2 часа назад

    The message this is sending feels very similar to the message I get from shadow....

  • Valeria Sanchez
    Valeria Sanchez 2 часа назад

    When you said "i broke my chair" i felt that

  • Faye Bergen
    Faye Bergen 2 часа назад

    I bet Yoongi really be tired after all this running, walking, even doing his little sword dance 😅

    CHIGGA 4 часа назад

    tf with all these Black people reacting to Kpop all of a sudden

  • Olivier Luc
    Olivier Luc 4 часа назад

    i swear after a few weeks when this song is gonna be used in one of those "try not to sing along" or "try not to bop" videos that i'm gonna unfortunately watch IT'S INSTANT DEATH FOR ME FAM

  • Angel Grace Gadrinab
    Angel Grace Gadrinab 4 часа назад


  • Angel Grace Gadrinab
    Angel Grace Gadrinab 4 часа назад


  • karma _
    karma _ 4 часа назад

    6:03 thank me later.
    No, don't thank me. It's just funny

  • Min Yoongi
    Min Yoongi 5 часов назад

    I've been a fan since 2018 and hindi ko na abutan si Agust d that's why when i recieved a notif from vlive and read the "Agust D" i was sooooo happy cuz FINALLLYYYYY!!

  • As the Kimchi Turns
    As the Kimchi Turns 5 часов назад

    So many people, when they get fame and money, become the worst versions of themselves. They chase drugs, sex, other wasted passions and then think they are better than everyone "lower" then them. South Korea still has a caste system and the rich do think they are born better than others. Suga is making it clear that no way in hell is he ever going to become like that. He may be the boss, but he will keep striving to be the best, not become a wastrel, living on his old fame and money to give him value.

  • X1F7 HaLo 45
    X1F7 HaLo 45 7 часов назад +1

    Brisxlife did u see JK punching a man at 3:00 and j-hope at 4:54 sitting down and 6:55 V standing or holding a Chinese sign???

  • Olga Wright
    Olga Wright 8 часов назад

    It's a mixtape.

  • Olga Wright
    Olga Wright 8 часов назад

    Does he not see Jin and JK?!

  • [ST]낭만
    [ST]낭만 8 часов назад

  • Kuba Omurzakov
    Kuba Omurzakov 8 часов назад

    Take off reaction BirAi - Fake a group from Kyrgyzstan Z-POP

  • Kuba Omurzakov
    Kuba Omurzakov 8 часов назад

    Take off reaction Crystalz - Did a group from Kazakhstan Q-POP

  • raki0209
    raki0209 8 часов назад

    I love how you are a full blown BTS fan now! I remember you first reacting to their videos and liking them, now you even got the Weverse app? Like WUT?!? And the fact that it's all kpop/korean music and not just BTS. Anyway, I really enjoyed your reaction video. I'm a HUGE Yoongi stan and the fact that you loved this as much as we did just makes me really happy haha

  • bilinas mini
    bilinas mini 10 часов назад

    Yoongi: im a king, im a boss Me: that's mf right baby

    HYE HWA 10 часов назад

    He's like Kim Jae-kyu

  • Shinn Thant Moe Oo
    Shinn Thant Moe Oo 11 часов назад +1

    Please react to Kim wooseok debut "Red moon" You are gonna love every freaking second of it

  • Maya Williams
    Maya Williams 11 часов назад +1

    Baekhyun Comeback- "Candy" MV🍭

    • bilinas mini
      bilinas mini 10 часов назад

      The man AGUST D made eye contact with at the beginning of the video in the market. That’s important later. This is a tyrant King. When Agust D goes to his death the man wh

  • Janie Jane
    Janie Jane 12 часов назад

    Yo this video made my dayyyy! I needed this positivity! Thank you for making this video, Im subbing ❤

  • sonny Nice
    sonny Nice 12 часов назад


  • María Alejandra Mercado
    María Alejandra Mercado 12 часов назад

    In conclusion, Yoongi is a genius

  • Quinn Lin
    Quinn Lin 13 часов назад


  • curvytangerine
    curvytangerine 13 часов назад

    "YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO THEY GOT HIM OUT HERE DOIN i broke my chair... _i broke my chair"_

  • June Shin
    June Shin 14 часов назад

    Did you see KSI reaction?

  • Jewelly Lee
    Jewelly Lee 14 часов назад
    Watch this review for cultural contexts of Suga's song

  • Activities with Ravel
    Activities with Ravel 17 часов назад

    Please react Kim Wooseok Red Moon 🔥

  • George Cheng
    George Cheng 17 часов назад

    Not sure if anyone else noticed that as a reference to Agust D killing his old (historical) self, the self who considered himself a king, the king here has the same blonde hair as Agust D from the first MV but with longer hair given that a long time has passed since that Agust D became king.

  • Amani Alazmi
    Amani Alazmi 18 часов назад

    React to BAEKHYUN candy

  • 뿌뿌
    뿌뿌 18 часов назад

    무슨 말을 하는지 내 귀는 해석하지 못하지만 내 눈은 이 사람과 내가 같은 마음이라는 걸 알게 한다
    고 쓰면 번역 돌랴도 알려나
    영어듣기 100점 다 필요없다 지짜
    오마이가쉬 유노 브로 이것만 알아처먹는데

  • Helia Sivan
    Helia Sivan 18 часов назад

    That's my king

  • Angel Pgm
    Angel Pgm 19 часов назад

    You're a whole mood I love your reaction 😭

  • Stevenlie Oey
    Stevenlie Oey 20 часов назад

    pls react secret number who dis bris thanks

  • Iam aluz_zpt
    Iam aluz_zpt 20 часов назад

    Sry bro but I was looking at the music video more than you reaction 😶😂💜

  • mkayc30
    mkayc30 21 час назад +1

    The man AGUST D made eye contact with at the beginning of the video in the market. That’s important later. This is a tyrant King. When Agust D goes to his death the man who is the executioner is the meat man from the market. They made a pack to off the Tyrant King. So he cuts Agust D’s rope and handed him the gun instead.

    SOUD HUSAM 22 часа назад

    I have never seen someone love kpop more than this guy.

    ARMYTV 22 часа назад

    Hello 💞💞 I am a Fanboy...I make Motivational Video On BTS plz subscribe 🥺🥺

  • Elizabeth Tammy
    Elizabeth Tammy 23 часа назад

    The ending is not understood until you understand that the agust d of the first mixtape is the blond boy and the new agust d is the one with black hair. And the new agust d gets rid of the first agust d because he no longer feels anger from the haters or the rappers who belittled him

  • Hannah Banana
    Hannah Banana 23 часа назад

    Part of the concept with the scar and him being a king is that in Korean culture if you have a scar you can’t be a king and yoongi broke that standard

  • Andrew Ifi
    Andrew Ifi 23 часа назад

    That “okay” at 0123 was higher than my grades😅

  • Ruth Agyeman
    Ruth Agyeman 23 часа назад

    I am surprised that he didn't notice Jin & Jungkook

  • Shauka Hodan
    Shauka Hodan 23 часа назад

    Yoongi: im a king, im a boss Me: that's mf right baby

  • Star Winter
    Star Winter 23 часа назад

    Daechwita is a traditional Korean music style played when the army is marching to war or when the king leaves his palace to walks among the people; something similar to a parade.
    The clothing he's wearing is traditional clothing that ONLY kings could wear. Also, traditionally asians would grow their hair and take very good care of it which was a sign of their rank in society. There was also a king in Korean history known as King Gwangjong who also had a scar. If someone had a scar on his face he was deemed unworthy to be a king but he is the king in this MV, so it might signify he's breaking stereotype. King Gwangjong is actually remembered for his ruthlessness and bravery but also killing a lot of people - some call him "the mad king' but he broke all of the stereotypes of what kings "should've" been like. He's a very respected person in the Korean culture due to his great political reform and attributed to his reign for laying the foundation of Goryeo; a Korean kingdom founded in 918. It's since been called a "true national unification" by Korean historians or as the "Later Three Kingdoms" period. The name "Korea" is derived from the name of Goryeo, also spelled Koryŏ.
    Fun fact, some theorys about Agust D killing himself at the end could be a reference from his old mixtape Agust D because there's a track called 'The Last' where he says, "Min Yoongi is dead. I killed him". But this time he killed Agust D (the king) because he doesn't need a persona, like a mask, to pretend that he's a celebrity anymore. He's no longer some little nobody. He's grown up and through all the struggles made it to the person he is now; Agust D, Suga and Min Yoongi are the same person.
    Basically it’s like letting the haters know the king is coming lol (also bc the marching procession can represent ARMY). "I never dissed anyone specifically. If someone feels targeted, then it’s their problem"
    .....This is what Suga/ Agust D/ Min Yoongi said.

  • great1519
    great1519 23 часа назад

    That s exactly why suga is my bias I mean august d is my bias

    • Shauka Hodan
      Shauka Hodan 23 часа назад

      assessments on Gwanghea-Gun But he kill a lot of people who threatened his thore i know this all because i am Korean

  • AllieCat
    AllieCat День назад

    I love how through this whoooooole video, be didn't realize that was Jin and Kookie fighting in the background near the beginning. 😂
    *R.I.P. BRIS* 💀💜⚰💐

  • chattycathy704
    chattycathy704 День назад

    I first discovered BTS through Suga's first mixtape and now I'm here 4 years later!

  • Ashlan Marie
    Ashlan Marie День назад

    Bro his sh*** is straight fire 🔥😍

  • Distortion
    Distortion День назад

    You missed Jin and Jungkook's clash in the back 😂😂

  • Distortion
    Distortion День назад

    You missed Jin and Jungkook's clash in the back 😂😂

  • Barikisu Mohammed
    Barikisu Mohammed День назад

    I saw Jin ,who did ,in the market

  • Barikisu Mohammed
    Barikisu Mohammed День назад

    This video define his life as an artist and before he was an artist ,how fame gets to him and how he is trying to still attain himself so he won't forget where he came from, I love e story

  • Kathryn Norman
    Kathryn Norman День назад

    Oh my goodness, I have watched you reaction videos to Super Junior's song such as Mr Simple, 2ya2yao and Super Clap. I love your boundless energy. Thank you so much for sharing Suga's message with us about not taking drugs. AMEN BRO!!

  • Aisha
    Aisha День назад

    Agust D became king years ago. He’s now the mad king. A new Agust D is coming to kill him.

  • Bong Talaogon
    Bong Talaogon День назад

    i think the blond hair king is the fake king?

  • Leonardo Lamadrid
    Leonardo Lamadrid День назад

    Did you see jk and jin behind suga 😂😂 so funny 😂😂😂

  • AnJhie Kim
    AnJhie Kim День назад

    Dude you're Trending#43 here PH 🇵🇭😆👍 👏

  • Michelle
    Michelle День назад

    I wonder if he saw jin and jungkook fighting scene 😂

  • 까몽
    까몽 День назад

    D-2 곡들이 모두 좋은데, 운전할 때 어떻게 들어야 할지...

  • Hwall luv bot
    Hwall luv bot День назад

    Yoooo I'm I the only one that noticed jin and Jungkook?

    Edit; Don't mind my username-

  • Bt Tf
    Bt Tf День назад

    Facts: BTS Song Ugh Start With A Gun Shot It Could be From Her I Think Next Mv Will Be Ugh Mv
    3:31 Jin And Jungkook Fight In The BackGround Because Suga hit elbow and it hit jungkook
    Suga Was See himself There is a Bad Suga A Good Suga Good Suga Kill Bad Suga Bad suga is Gwanghaegun of Joseon Actually There are conflicting historical assessments on Gwanghea-Gun But he kill a lot of people who threatened his thore i know this all because i am Korean

  • Patricio Gonzalez
    Patricio Gonzalez День назад

    I always like this guy's reaction because he seems genuine in his reactions

  • jisun seo
    jisun seo День назад

    I like when you say "Hold on, hold on..." :)

  • teddy tpr
    teddy tpr День назад

    Please reaction to the indonesian song "WEIRD GENIUS ft. Sara Fajira (LATHI)" You will like it 👌👌
    And sorry this is a bit deviated from your content that always reacts to k-pop music 🙏

  • Ima Salmaa
    Ima Salmaa День назад +2

    "I broke my chair!!"
    *Every Agust D stan can relate*

  • Eneeion
    Eneeion День назад

    aww i wanted to see your reaction to jin and jungkook

  • Jear Bear
    Jear Bear День назад

    “Kdrama Yoongi, Okay!!?” IMMMMM WEAAAAKKKAHHHH 😂😂😂

  • Shelbi Cushley
    Shelbi Cushley День назад

    Bris you need to see Jin, JK and J-Hope are cameos in this MV. Xx

  • Susan Price
    Susan Price День назад

    Yaaeeesssss! It’s so good. The whole mix tape is so good. He did kill off his old self, give us something genius, and omg. we needed this right now. So off the hook!!! Love Min Yoongi, Suga, Agust D. Love you Bris! 💜🙏

  • jungkooksthighs -
    jungkooksthighs - День назад

    This is accurate

  • iam whoiam
    iam whoiam День назад

    Jin and kookie in the back fighting..

  • Jacana Panda
    Jacana Panda День назад

    2:58 one of my favorite parts. Jin and JK in the background lol

    • soniyu ziuy
      soniyu ziuy День назад

      This reaction video is #48 in the german trends who cool

  • Lee Alexis
    Lee Alexis День назад

    I love your reaction

  • Jesica Longkty
    Jesica Longkty День назад

    yo, this video are 48 on trending in korea by the time i write this, woow

    • soniyu ziuy
      soniyu ziuy День назад

      Also Korean kings were not allowed to have scars on them back then, so yoongi as the king himself broke that stereotype 👏

  • jessenia Saucedo
    jessenia Saucedo День назад

    He missed JIN and JK Fighting

  • Senorita M
    Senorita M День назад

    Thank youuı 💜💜💜💜

    • Senorita M
      Senorita M День назад


    • Senorita M
      Senorita M День назад


    • Senorita M
      Senorita M День назад


  • Moisses Macaraeg
    Moisses Macaraeg День назад

    I love Suga’s music too bro but you doin too much bro

  • shimmy shimmy into the chimmy chimmy

    the only reaction i care about

  • Rianna Bailey
    Rianna Bailey День назад +1

    I was blown away. Agust D killed me. Plus Jin and JK 😂😂😂😂

  • Park Jimin
    Park Jimin День назад


  • Jung Yuna
    Jung Yuna День назад +1

    oh my you are trending in Korea #40

  • Camila Alves
    Camila Alves День назад

    Brislife: a
    Me: same broh

  • Vicky Le
    Vicky Le День назад

    Please react to day6 zombieee

  • Daphne ARMY COOKIE Moshona
    Daphne ARMY COOKIE Moshona День назад

    In Korea U can't be a king if you have a scar but yoongi became a king with a scar! Who's the king?we Stan a real King👑 and a boss😎

  • Kōnosuke Seno
    Kōnosuke Seno День назад

    Suga did some major bias wrecking

  • Kpop Trash 101
    Kpop Trash 101 День назад

    *I want this to be my alarm when I wake up*

  • dueeh nyyu
    dueeh nyyu День назад

    Also Korean kings were not allowed to have scars on them back then, so yoongi as the king himself broke that stereotype 👏

  • Anna H.
    Anna H. День назад

    This reaction video is #48 in the german trends who cool

  • Evgeniya Sobinova
    Evgeniya Sobinova День назад

    Damn, to be honest your bts reactions are the only one i watch, dude. Somehow you are reacting to almost every single mv/practice exactly the way i am. I’m glad you respect bts as artists and as people as much as i do. Thank you for making me smile a lot on this one)

    • dueeh nyyu
      dueeh nyyu День назад

      Its funny because when yoongi bumps into those people its just jin in a beard and jungkook punches jin

  • Mountain Dew
    Mountain Dew День назад

    this production must be insane to build the massive old korean daechwita decore

  • A12 Y136
    A12 Y136 День назад

    Jinnnn was thereeee 2:59

  • Linda Guerra
    Linda Guerra День назад

    amo tus reaaciones 😊😊😊

  • SuN
    SuN День назад

    Did you notice Jin with beards fighting JUNGKOOK?)